Tarik Barri

Sote - Sacred Horror in Design (AV) from Tarik Barri on Vimeo.


After conception and birth in The Netherlands, my parents moved to Saoudi Arabia when I was 5 years old. It was hot there and I got bored. I drew a lot, but was very happy when a newly purchased MSX home computer provided me with a very unexpected hobby: telling the machine what to do. Certain typed words would make the computer create sounds and visuals. Wow. So with appropriately childlike enthusiasm I dove into that and made it produce pixelated moving ninjas and bleepy sounds.

  When I was around 16 I started making tunes with the computer and when I was 23 I decided to study Music and Technology. There I saw how to combine my programming skills with my love for making music. Also, I discovered how I could use those same programming skills to create visuals which fit to that music perfectly. More than anything, I experienced that I loved building bridges, tension and harmony between the senses of seeing and hearing.