Live Video for In Aeternam Vale

February 16th 2015

Live Video for In Aeternam Vale in Kraftwerk, at Atonal festival 2014

Monolake @ Volksbuehne

January 16th 2015

Monolake @ Volksbuehne

Presentation of Versum at Beamlab (ADE)

November 6th 2014

Presentation of Versum at the Beamlab Conference at the ADE festival in Amsterdam.

Tarik Barri feat. Lea Fabrikant trailer

November 2nd 2014

Tarik Barri feat. Lea Fabrikant trailer!

Interview at Arc Festival

December 12th 2013

Interview at Arc Festival

Atoms for Peace - Default (live)

November 3rd 2013

Atoms for Peace Live at the Poisson Rouge, with live visuals by myself.

Monolake - Existence of Time

January 12th 2013

Live video for Monolake\'s Existence of Time

Atoms For Peace - Judge Jury and Executioner

January 11th 2013

Versum - Eleven

January 8th 2013

See accompanying story at:  

Versum - Lought

January 27th 2010

Versum - Go

June 22nd 2009

Versum - Fluor

December 22nd 2008

My first composition made with "Versum": my self-made tool to build audiovisual compositions with.


October 1st 2008

Matseq is an audio-visual composition, composed in a virtual space (which I programmed myself) with virtual instruments. What you see here is not a videoclip, what you see is the musical piece itself.... Continue reading

Systeem - comp2

September 22nd 2008

comp2, made with "Systeem": an audiovisual composition tool which I programmed myself; the precursor to Versum.

Matseq Interview

January 22nd 2007

It's me talking about Matseq and Fuckface, in Dutch.


November 1st 2006

Some random jamming around with Jorn van Dijk and Pieter 'Presk' Willems, one of my first experiments in live image manipulation.


April 1st 2006

My first serious experiment in Jitter: it's Fuckface!