Tarik Barri


I started programming at the age of seven and started making electronic music when I was 16. After my first track release at the age of 21, I quit my study in biological psychology study to do Music and Technology at the Utrecht School of the Arts.   

  There I saw that the methods I used to create music could also be applied to create moving images. With tools like Max/MSP, Java and Supercollider I now develop software for audiovisual performance and composition. Using these tools, I search for new synergies and aesthetics in the combination of image and sound.

  My works take on various forms like audiovisual performances, installations and videos. I also create live visuals for artists like Thom Yorke, Monolake and Nicolas Jaar.

  I've performed and displayed my works at DEMF, Sonic Acts, Ars Electronica, Club Transmediale, TodaysArt, MIT Media Lab, EMPAC and others. I was a guest lecturer at Berklee College of Music (Boston, US), CCRMA (San Francisco, US), Universität der Künste (Berlin, DE) and the Utrecht School of Music and Technology (Hilversum, NL). Together with Anselm Nehls I received the Prix Ars Electronica Award of Disctinction for our #Tweetscapes project.



2007 - 2008   Master Composition in Context, Utrecht School of the Arts

2004 - 2007   Bachelor Audio Design, Utrecht School of the Arts

1999 - 2002   Psychology, Radboud University

1998 - 1999   Architecture, Delft University of Technology


Selected performances

11-15  Thom Yorke Live Video, Club 2 Club, Turin, IT

11-15  Laurel Halo Live Video, Gaîté Lyrique, Paris, FR

10-15  Thom Yorke Live Video, Pitchfork Festival, Paris, FR

10-15  Continuum with Paul Jebanasam, Bozar, Brussels, DE

08-15  Continuum with Paul Jebanasam, Atonal, Berlin, DE

08-15  Thom Yorke Live Video, Summersonic, Tokyo, JP

08-15  Thom Yorke Live Video, Summersonic, Osaka, JP

07-15  Thom Yorke Live Video, Latitude, Suffolk, EN

05-15  Monolake Live Video, Mental Force, Minsk, BLR

01-15  Emptyset Live Video, HAU, Berlin, DE

01-15  Kobina Live Video, Digital Biscuit, Dublin, IR

12-14  Versum Live, Steim, Amsterdam, NL

11-14  Monolake Live Video, Volksbühne, Berlin, DE

10-14  Ripatti Live Video, Unsound, Krakow, PL

10-14  Robert Hood Live Video, Unsound, Krakow, PL

08-14  Source Direct Live Video, Atonal, Berlin, DE

08-14  In Aeternam Vale Live Video, Atonal, Berlin, DE

08-14  Versum Live (feat. Lea Fabrikant), Bomb Gallery, Mostar, BA

06-14  Nicolas Jaar Live Video, Mutek, Montreal, US

02-14  Nicolas Jaar Live Video, TBA, Sofia, BG

02-14  Nicolas Jaar Live Video, Stara Rzeźnia, Poznan, PL

02-14  Nicolas Jaar Live Video, Basen, Warsaw, PL

02-14  Nicolas Jaar Live Video, Ultra Festival, Buenos Aires, AR

01-14  Versum Live (feat. Lea Fabrikant), Panke, Berlin, DE

12-13  Versum Live (feat. Lea Fabrikant), Madeiradig, Madeira, PT

10-13  Nicolas Jaar Live Video, The Warehouse Project, Manchester, UK

10-13  Nicolas Jaar Live Video, Simple Things, Bristol, UK

09-13  Nicolas Jaar Live Video, Ceremonia, Mexico City, MX

08-13  Monolake Live Video, Krake Festival, Berlin, DE

07-13  Nicolas Jaar Live Video, Destino, Ibiza, ES

07-13  Nicolas Jaar Live Video, Gipsy Parking, Moscow, RU

07-13  Nicolas Jaar Live Video, Wavefront, Chicago, US

06-13  Nicolas Jaar Live Video, Sonar, Barcelona, ES

05-13  Versum Live (feat. Lea Fabrikant), KW / Feed, Berlin,DE

04-13  Versum Live (feat. Lea Fabrikant), Arc Festival, Bristol, UK

04-13  Atoms For Peace Live Video, La Gaîté Lyrique, Paris, FR

04-13  Atoms For Peace Live Video, Razmatazz, Barcelona, ES

04-13  Monolake Live Video, Modulations, San Francisco, US

03-13  Versum Live (feat. Lea Fabrikant), Electrochoc 8, Lyon, FR

03-13  Atoms For Peace Live Video, Le Poisson Rouge, New York, US

03-13  Atoms For Peace Live Video, Berghain, Berlin, DE

02-13  Monolake Live Video, EKKO, Bergen, NO

02-13  Atoms For Peace Live Video, Oval Space, London, UK

02-13  Versum Live (feat. Lea Fabrikant), Club Transmediale, Berlin, DE

02-13  Monolake Live Video, Mutek Barcelona, Barcelona, SP

11-12  Versum Live, E-Pulse, Breda, NL

11-12  Versum Live (feat. Lea Fabrikant), Feed, Berlin, DE

10-12  Monolake + Vladislav Delay Live Video, Transvizualia, Gdynia, PL

09-12  Monolake Live Video, Decibel, Seattle, US

09-12  Versum Live, Superdeluxe, Tokyo, JP

09-12  Monolake Live Video, Unit, Tokyo, JP

09-12  Monolake Live Video, Club Rockets, Osaka, JP

09-12  #Tweetscapes Live Video, Ars Electronica, Linz, AT

07-12  Monolake Live Video, Flow, Helsinki, FI

06-12  Monolake Live Video, Audiovisiva, Milan, IT

05-12  Monolake Live Video, Mutek, Montreal, CA

05-12  Monolake Live Video, Kino Siska, Ljubjana, SI

04-12  Versum Live, Modulations, San Francisco, US

04-12  Versum Live, Greenhouse (you rock!), Boston, US

04-12  Monolake Live Video, Unsound, New York, US

03-12  Versum Live, Save, Moscow, RU

03-12  Monolake Live Video, 5 Days Off, Amsterdam, NL

03-12  Monolake Live Video, Fabric, London, UK

02-12  Monolake Live Video, Berghain, Berlin, DE

01-12  Versum Live, M4_U convention, Leicester, UK

12-11  Flying Lotus Live Video, State X New Forms, The Hague, NL

12-11  Versum Live, Freemote Festival, Utrecht, NL

11-11  Versum Live, Pluto Festival, Opwijk, BE

09-11  Monolake Live Video, TodaysArt, The Hague, NL

05-11  Monolake Live Video, DEMF, Detroit, US

05-11  Monolake Live Video, Maria, Berlin, DE

01-11  Versum Live, Fiber Festival, Amsterdam, NL

11-10  Monolake Live Video, STRP, Eindhoven, NL

10-10  Versum Live, Freemote Festival, Utrecht, NL

10-10  Monolake Live Video, EMPAC, Troy, US

09-10  Monolake Live Video, Decibel Festival, Seattle, US

06-10  Versum Live, ICAD, Washington DC, US

04-10  Monolake Live Video, Cité de la Musique, Paris, FR

04-10  Versum Live, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, NL

02-10  Monolake Live Video, Sonic Acts, Amsterdam, NL

10-09  Monolake Live Video, Unsound Festival, Krakow, PL

09-09  Monolake Live Video, WMF, Berlin, DE

06-09  Versum Live, MIT Media Lab, Boston, US

06-09  Versum Live, NIME, Pittsburgh, US

05-09  Versum Live, ICAD, Copenhagen, DK

05-09  Monolake Video, BLOC, London, UK

05-07  Matseq, Utrechts Conservatorium, Utrecht, NL

03-07  Index.html, EX-IS, The Hague, NL

04-06  Tokyo Stock Exchange, Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam, NL

2000 until 2004  Producer and guitarist of the hooligan-rock-band Thom Revolver



Atoms for Peace, Judge Jury and Executioner

Monolake, Existence of Time


Selected installations / exhibitions

10-15 / 01-16 Fundamental Forces 06, Havremagasinet, Boden, SE

06-14  Fundamental Forces 05, IRCAM, Parisl, FR

09-12  Versum II, Gogbot, Enschede, NL 

09-12  #Tweetscapes, Ars Electronica, Linz, AT

05-12  Fundamental Forces 03, MUTEK, Montreal, CA

04-12  Fundamental Forces 02, MAK (Soundframe Festival), Vienna, AT

03-12  #Tweetscapes, ZKM, Karlsruhe, DE

01-12  Versum I, M4_U convention, Leicester, UK

11-11  Fundamental Forces 00, Cynetart, Dresden, DE

10-11  Fundamental Forces 00, Musikprotokoll, Graz, AT

10-11  Sounding Universe, KidsOdeGand, Ghent, BE

09-11  Versum III, Game-City, Den Bosch, NL

06-11  Sounding Universe, Nacht v. Kunst en Wetenschap, Groningen, NL

02-11  Fundamental Forces 00, Club Transmediale, Berlin, DE

10-10  De Bespeelbare Stad, Festival van Vlaanderen, Gent, NL

09-10  Sounding Universe, Discovery Festival, Amsterdam, NL

08-10  Sounding Universe, Noorderzon, Groningen, NL

09-09  II, Ars Electronica, Linz, AT 

11-08  De Bespeelbare Stad, Groninger Museum, Groningen, NL

10-08  Systeem, Huis aan de Werf, Utrecht, NL

09-08  De Bespeelbare Stad, Festival van Vlaanderen, Gent, BE

11-07  Creaturama, STRP Festival, Eindhoven, NL



2012     Prix Ars Electronica, Award of Distinction for #tweetscapes

2009     Artist in Residence at V2_Lab, for realisation of the installation II

2009     Startstipendium by Fonds BKVB, grant


Guest lecturer

Music and Technology, HKU, Hilversum, NL

Berklee College of Music, Boston, US

CCRMA, San Francisco, US

Sound Studies, Berlin University of the Arts, Berlin, DE




Versum, Audiovisual Composing in 3D (short), Proceedings of NIME. Pittsburgh, 2009

Versum, Audiovisual Composing in 3D, Proceedings of ICAD. Copenhagen, 2009

Complexiteit, schoonheid en sublimiteit in systemen, Graduation thesis (Dutch). Hilversum, 2008