Tarik Barri

Fundamental Forces

Fundamental Forces is a collaborative audiovisual installation and performance project by Robert Henke and Tarik Barri. Complex visual shapes and sonic structures emerge as the result of repeated, simple mathematical operations to form an abstract world of floating objects in deep virtual space. Fundamental Forces references notions of physics that describe how our universe is constructed. This inspiration induces a reinterpretation of reality that is strongly infused with a subjective, aesthetic view and gives rise to the narrative of a parallel universe governed by man- made rules. By using self-written and continuously enhanced software, Fundamental Forces not only creates what people hear and see but also builds the foundations of what they could experience in the future. Henke and Barri build a machine that constitutes a class of potential installations. Each screening is a snapshot of the current development. Technically it is a pre- rendered ultra high definition ultra wide-screen projection with surround sound.

  The visual component is based on my 'Versum' software, and the auditive component comes from Robert Henke, using MaxMSP, Max4Live and Live, the sequencer software he\'s co-developing.

October 25th 2009