Tarik Barri

Monolake Video

Monolake Live Surround is an ongoing research project which is about the exploration of audiovisual surround possibilities in a club context. Within this project, Robert Henke does the surround audio part while I work with (often multiscreen) video projections. During the Monolake Live Surround performances, I use one or multiple computers which are running an adjusted version of the Versum engine, made specifically for VJ purposes.

  New 3D shapes are created live in interaction with the music. On stage I determine how they evolve over time, how colors and structures change, which movements I want them to make. Simultaneously I take the virtual camera on a journey past these shapes, twitching and turning as abstract dancers on the projection screen, closely connected to the sounds that Monolake produces.

  See an example HERE.

November 28th 2009